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Ours is an organization with a vision of transmitting the knowledge and experience with the Mayan cosmo-vision to all that wish to know more about our culture. Our mission is to provide a human experience, a way of understanding the importance of the Mayan World and the preservation of our planet. We are a tour agency called “Saq Bey”=Camino Sagrado (Sacred Way) and we specialize in serving the tastes, expectations and needs of our clients. Our knowledge of Guatemala and experience as tour guides allow us to guarantee an unforgettable and safe vacation.

Adventure: Mundo Maya

“the landscape, the people, the charming tours…this byway has everthing you need for a memorable vacation”.

Here you sill find tourist information on the different trips and tours offered by El Mundo Maya. We offer a series of tours and trips for the tourist who wants to find and know the vast history, natural beauty and culture of Lake Atitlan, Tikal, Antigua Guatemala, Chichicastenango, Coban, and more places.

If you are visiting Guatemala on a family vacation or with a group of friends and you are looking for a tour that will allow you to get to know the Guatemalan people, their traditions, and way of life, this tour is for you!


Lake Atitlan: is a Place very special travel destination. The region promises to thrill you with its mountains, Lake and spectacular histories. While in Atitlan enjoy a variety of fun and exciting activities surrounded by a soothing and elegant ambiance; we offer our famous coffee tour, cupping and tasting, mountain hiking tour, canopy, fishing, swimming and many more.

The department of Sololá, where Lake Atitlan is located, is made up of a mosaic of ethnicities. This is the place in Guatemala where Mayan Culture has been best preserved and conserved. The Tz´utujil Villages around the lake have learned how to conserve their beliefs and traditions over the centuries, protecting the customs of their ancestors. Today, they are struggling to continue to respect and transmit these traditions and ways of life to new generations. Our “Faces” tour will allow you to get to know these Tz´utujil men and women and their authentic daily lives.  You also will help to preserve this culture by helping it to live through your learning. We will explore the heart of these culturally rich villages to discover their customs, arts, traditional rituals and history.

The Tzutujil highlands are populated by indigenous pueblos with a mix of markets and different types of multicoloured traditional daily wear. There are also many ancient ceremonial altars to be found in the countryside. By knowing these sacred sites, spiritual guides, Mayan Ceremonies and galleries of traditional art, you will be truly immersed in this amazing culture. With spectacular scenery, natural beautiful and activities traditional.

The people with greater attraction in this area are: San Juan la Laguna, San Pedro, San Marcos, Santa Cruz, Santiago, Panajachel,  where you can enjoy the exotic scenery, striking good view of the lake and enjoy the range of colors of their costumes.
In Atitlan, the land and people change from one instant to the next, defying imagination. Beaches, nature reserves, Volcanoes, rivers, faces in the mountains and indescribable trails are a few of the wonders you will encounter. Here, the mountains are always green and promise to make your visit to Lake Atitlan extraordinary and full of adventure.


Find out where to sightsee hike, and relax. Search for unique tours and activities.

Too much treasures waiting for you, to enjoy them paradise saved “Lake Atitlan”

Our Services:

  • Culture Walk: We will introduce you to the traditional artisans and local artists that distinguish the culture of San Juan, San Pedro and Santiago. (textiles, famous Painters). is recommended to allocate 1 full day
  • Fishing Tour: Spend an afternoon getting to know the unique stories and histories of the fisherman of Lake Atitlan. Also see the flora and fauna of the local beaches and….why not swim in the famous waters called “Las Crystallinas”?. Finally, learn the millenniums old, traditional Mayan method of fishing directly from the men who practice it.
  • Coffee Tour: We will show you the process of planting and cultivating coffee from start to finish. You will also become acquainted with an important ancient site in San Juan where a stone canoe was constructed from rock by our ancestors.
  • Ethnology Tour “Rostros”: This tour will acquaint you with the traditions and customs of the local Tzutujil Culture. You will share a day with a Mayan family, hear their life stories and learn about their day-to-day lives. And you can take photography near of the Ancianos (old men).
  • Mayan Spirituality: Get to know a Mayan spiritual ceremony, a millenniums old tradition to contact our Creator and to fuse the natural World with what it means to be a part of our unique cosmo-vision. Your experience will be provided by one of our Tzutujil Spirituals Guides (Ajq’ij). Finally visit San Juan’s or Santiago Atitlan famous Cofradia of Maximon.
  • Ecological Tour “Rostro Maya”: For our Tzutujil Culture, the face in the mountain is a sacred place, once used as a center of communication and commercial exchange for surrounding villages. The trek to the top is full of majestic views of Lake Atitlan, awe-provoking scenery, and interesting flora and fauna. At the tip of the nose you will find a sacred Mayan altar. All of this you can photograph and enjoy to your heart’s content. Is recommended to allocate 1 full day.
  • Gastronomical Traditional cuisine: You will taste typical Guatemalan dishes crafted by expert hands, accompanied by traditional corn Tortillas or Tamalitos, as Kaq-Kiq, Pepian, Jocon, Pulike, and Mole. We offer classes, with different menus. Learn to prepare delicious dishes and then enjoy sampling them in our dinning time.

Peten (Tikal): Our extensive experience of Maya culture and knowledge of all the attractive places of this region of the Maya world, we can offer and take him to see the best of this site, this is so that everyone can enjoy, nature, wildlife , flora, archeological sites, Mayan Ruins, Protected Areas, and more.
A Tour of Peten offer the Exploration and History of each site, such as:

Parque Nacional Tikal: Tikal is located north, 65 kilometers (about 1 hour) of Flores for the visit to Tikal National Park is recommended to allocate 1 full day.
Tikal, meaning “city of the Mayan spirit voices” that is the most important tourist and archaeological Central America, declared by UNESCO “Cultural Patrimony of Humanity”.
It comprises some 3,000 buildings among palaces, Acropolis, Ball Games, temples, causeways, plazas, stelae. etc., many of which still lie beneath the vegetación.muestran which reached a high cultural, artistic, urban, mathematical, astronomical, agricultural and commercial.

Here you will find: La Gran Plaza, Plaza de La Gran Pirámide o Mundo Perdido, Plaza de Los Siete Templos, Plaza Este, Plaza Oeste,Templo del Gran,  Jaguar, Templo II o de Las Máscaras, Templo III o Del Gran Sacerdote, Templo IV o de La Serpiente Bicefálica, Templo V, Templo VI o de las Inscripciones, Complejos de Pirámides Gemelas.

Auxactún: Its name means “8 stones” that make references to the 7 planets of the solar system and the sun. It is an archaeological site in the village of the same name. is one of the oldest settlements of the Maya civilization, was destined for stargazing for dating the equinoxes and solstices that indicate the beginning or end of the season. It is believed that this was where the Maya city consolidated its culture, perfected their system of writing and began developing their calendar.
Uaxactun has many structures between temples and palaces, including the steps primer. Opposite the stairway east of the pyramid, located a trail that still has remnants of its original red color and it is marking the observation point or the place from that the ancient Maya could watch the sun rise behind the complex of structures and determine the shortest days and longest of the year.  Uaxactún also led to the development of the most beautiful pottery in the Maya World.

Grutas de Actun Can:   In Mayan language means “Rock of the Snake or Serpent Cave”. Located two kilometers from Santa Elena, the grottoes are located Actun Can, you can walk through the bowels of the earth to look beautiful and whimsical figures that have been sculpted over time.  These caves can be visited with ease and one can admire more than 50 formations of stalagmites and stalactites of many shapes and size range that have been dubbed with picturesque names such as “elephant foot”, “The Virgin of the Grotto” ” God of Rain “and” The Thinker “and many others.
Yaxhá y Topoxté:  For the visit to allocate recommended Yaxhá 1 day.  Its name means “Green Water” and the Mayan name of the city is evident in the hieroglyphic emblem that represents the head of a parrot and phonetically reads as Yax (green-blue) of 500 structures between terraces, walkways, plazas and monumental buildings as temples, pyramids, palaces and platforms for public ceremonies.  Outstanding sets that correspond to the Royal Palace, where he lived the governor and his family, the North Acropolis, the Astronomical Complex, two courts for ball games, Acropolis East Plaza of Shadows and twin pyramid complex.

“The Jungle Treks Specialist”

We offer private and public transport, or just wear one of our guides, so you can travel safely, that you will know most of Guatemala, enjoy your trip and share and learn more about our culture Maya!

Contac us for your travel arrangements in Guatemala. For more information:

Direction: San Juan La Laguna, Sololá Guatemala.

Tel: (502) 5635-0849

In USA: (360) 608-1403


Fredy Perez Hernandez – Email Address

Numero de Telefono en Guatemala: (502) 5635-0849

Nicholas Beatty – Email Address

Numero de Telefono en Estados Unidos: (360) 608-1403


2 comentarios to “ADVENTURE & CULTURAL TOURS”

  1. I am an American, 23 years old, and I met Fredy while I was hiking on a trail in the hills above San Juan. We started talking (he understood and tolerated my broken spanish), and he offered me to follow him on his hike, during which he provided a fascinating array of ecological facts, cultural nuances and historical insights. He was incredibly friendly, he showed me all around town and the mountains above, he even invited me to his home, and introduced me to his wife and other local residents. His knowledge of the local culture, terrain, and history is really awesome! At the end of the day, he didn’t even ask for any money because, he said, he was out hiking anyway… a nice gesture typical of Fredy, but of course I paid him anyway 🙂

    What else distinguishes a “Fredy” tour from others?

    –It’s great knowing that he uses the money that he receives for commendable causes–cultural preservation, youth development, and community service.

    –San Juan is WAY less touristic than San Pedro, which means that you will see far more authentic things meet more friendly locals, with whom (like Fredy) you will have real, genuine cultural experiences. It is the exact opposite of the tourist traps in San Pedro and Panajachel that coldly use you for your dollars/pounds/euros.

    For all of these reasons and more, I have returned several times with groups of friends to do tours with Fredy, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND his tours and community endeavors. Good luck!

    • I forgot to say that Fredy runs all his own operations, so it will be a lot cheaper than the big business-run tours you’ll find elsewhere…enjoy!


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