San Juan la Laguna


Tz´utujil and Mayan Studies

Learn Spanish Language, Tzutujil or Kaqchikel.

Private Classes


Flexible Schedule

Certified Professional Staff,    Quiet Neighbourhood

Learn Spanish with expert teachers and Grammar for you travel.

Fredy Perez is the organizer and head of all the activities. For
anyone who wishes to experience Mayan culture and discover new things
in Guatemala, he is a great resource. He is very knowledgeable due to
the research he has done over many years of study of the culture. He
is a Maya Tz’tujil who has devoted most of his life to preserving and
transmitting the wisdom of his ancestors.  He is considered by the
community to be called to perform this mission of preserving and
sharing Mayan culture with all those who visit.
It has become very important in the Mayan consciousness for
the people to keep alive their roots, and find the meaning in the
story of their ancestors and lifestyle. This includes the accounts and
interpretations of human life, with a very focused vision to reality,
and well as discussion of the Cosmo-vision of the ancient Maya and the
Acuales. These traditions were transmitted orally, and also include
the Mayan vision of the cosmic order, the true history and use of
“Ch’olqiij,” The Mayan Calendar, the discussion cosmic energies, know
as nawals, and the stories of the “Creator of the Universe” the Ajaw.
Fredy teaches about these aspects of Mayan culture, as well as many
Now Fredy is dedicated to investigating the stories,
tales and legends of the eldest in the community in order to record
and document them for coming generations. Interestingly the recordings
are in the language spoken by Maya Tz’utujil elderly, known as
Tz’utujil.  Fredy has also seen the need to translate everything into
Spanish and retrieve many words from this language, which
unfortunately have been lost and are no longer in use. These
experiences make Fredy a worthwhile person to talk to and find answers
to on many questions and doubts of cultures in Guatemala.

His experience includes investigating the antiquities of Mayan culture
and being a tour guide Spanish teacher, not to mention a Maya Studies
teacher, historian and traveler.

His projects like The Center for Spanish, Maya Tz’utujil Studies and
“Saq Bey” Tours for all tourists, has served as support to fund all
the studies and research conducted.

The experience of being a Spanish teacher and  tour guide has been
achieved thanks to all those who met him during his visits to
Guatemala and shared moments with him. The years working and living in
this profession have made him a person without limits or borders, and
also added to his extensive knowledge base. He believes “The world is
so great that we all have some breathing space and freedom to do what
we must do. ” Classes are offered wherever the student wishes, either
at the school, where the student stay, or any other agreed upon
location. He is a “mobile teacher”. I guarantee you will learn to
speak Spanish soon …

Contact us for your travel arrangements in Guatemala. For more information:

Direction: San Juan La Laguna, Sololá Guatemala.

Tel: (502) 5635-0849

In USA: (360) 608-1403

Email: fredyperhez@gmail.com

Fredy Perez Hernandez – Email Address Numero de Telefono en Guatemala: (502) 5635-0849

Nicholas Beatty – Email Address Numero de Telefono en Estados Unidos: (360) 608-1403



Una respuesta to “-SPANISH SCHOOL CENTER-”

  1. Fredy is an amazing Spanish teacher. I highly recommend him. He goes out of his way to not only teach you what you need but also to show you around town and around the lake if you’d like. I even went with him to a town rarely visited to watch what he does while he works on his other projects. If you want a truly special learning experience (unlike the formulaic schools in other towns), come visit Fredy. I also highly recommend staying in San Juan. There are less tourists there and you have to practice your Spanish more!


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